With 9 years of experience in Asia Pacific, we are the industry specialists preferred by major insurers when it comes to:

Through our IT and system integration expertise, we can help advance your operations into the digital space and among the Internet of Things, enabling you to streamline your processes and cut costs by 10% and more without disrupting your core business and systems.

Testimonial: Talent, Learning & Diversity Leader - Asia Pacific, Int. Broker & Risk Consultants

“I wanted to let you know that we have had a very good experience working with IBNR on our salesforce development programmes across Asia….”

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Claims & Technology Leakage Assessment

2- to 5-day onsite visits, with practical recommendations

Save up to 10%

5 Rings of Fraud Protection – Strategic Framework

From a robust prevention and anti-fraud charter to predictive analytics

Save up to 10%

Online Training - Insurance Sales Simulator

Energise your sales training and boost engagement

Sales and training productivity up by 20%

Embolden Your Claims KPIs – Strategic Framework

Discover your strategic imperatives and strengthen your claims execution

Cut costs by 10%, and boost sales support and customer satisfaction

Cut repetitive Tasks and automate your Business Processes

Task robotic process automation solutions (RPA) with strenuous work

Boost productivity by 70% and benefit from year-around 24/7 work capacity

Engage Your Professionals Through Interactive Sales Training

Anchor your sales process and master the objection management kit

Implement new products swiftly and boost sales and training productivity

Hire Top Sales Agents

Predictive Recruitment Analytics

3x more likely to hire top agents

Accelerated Sales Support Services - Establish a Lean Sales Branch in Asia

Access our vast insurance database and in-depth market know-how

Fast-track your Asia expansion within 18 months

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