5 Rings of Fraud Protection – Strategic Framework

1-Day Workshop

We aim to help you:

  • Set up an anti-fraud charter with the goal of reducing costs by 10%
  • Strengthen your regulatory framework
  • Boost your fraud detection and prevention accuracy through cutting-edge predictive analytics
  • Formulate your commitment to combating fraud
  • Empower your staff to detect and investigate suspicious activities

Designed for insurers in Asia Pacific, this strategic workshop highlights key features of an effective and sustainable fraud protection strategy based on a 5-ring fraud prevention model. By engaging all 5 rings at the same time, you can benefit from the best available protection against fraud at a reasonable cost.

Fraud remains a prevalent threat in every insurance market. Fraudulent acts are ruining businesses and sometimes lives, distorting markets and driving up your business costs by as much as 10%.

Like all sound housekeeping, fraud prevention starts from the top, with a plan and the commitment of government bodies, organisations and companies to detect and prevent fraud, establish ground rules for fraud processes and allocate resources efficiently.

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