Actuarial Advisory Services

Per project basis

We aim to help you:

  1. Ensure your products and processes are compliant and market ready
  2. Design your financial and economic ecosystems with integrated pricing, reserving and risk, capital and solvency models
  3. Perform bespoke actuarial services , e.g. act as Appointed Actuaries

We smooth out even the most complex product development cycles to help you release fully compliant products on schedule. Our bespoke actuarial modelling and calculation services incorporate all eventualities in the course of product release and review.

Whether you require robust process design, expert advice or data processing, our bespoke actuarial services can bring your product development process up to speed.

Our recent success stories:

  1. Review of a Monte Carlo calculation: A client valued our second opinion on his methodology for checking the degree of convergence of his economic capital model.
  2. Implementation of the First Pillar of Solvency II: We were hired by a European life insurance company specialising in pension funds, which provides a surplus combined with a stop-loss on the retention to cover the risks of death and disability. It wanted to implement its Solvency II First Pillar requirements and sought our help with drafting the models and documentation for the relevant modules.
  3. Actuarial testing of a reinsurance pricing tool: A reinsurer developed a new in-house modelling and pricing tool for non-life treaty reinsurance. The specifications for user interfaces, workflows and methodology were developed by in-house pricing actuaries and underwriters, but development and implementation were mostly outsourced. We helped the reinsurer test the methodology and actuarial calculations, ensuring market readiness.