Actuarial Expert Academy

Actuarial Expert Academy (“AEP”)

3-day workshop, standard format, global delivery

Actuarial Expert Academy transforms advanced academic theories into practical applications. It is a refinery of practical methodology, delivered by longstanding AEP experts who specialise in training insurance professionals through hands-on workshops.

Upcoming workshops

The next Reinsurance Week will be hosted in September 2019, prior to renewal season. It will feature two workshops:

  1. Reinsurance Underwriting
    Learn the theory behind the main reinsurance programmes (proportional, non-proportional and ART) and support functions, and put this know-how to practice on the spot.
  2. Reinsurance Pricing and Structure
    Learn how to price and structure reinsurance programmes from the alternate perspectives of a pricing actuary and a ceding company, and complete hands-on exercises in Excel®.

The two workshops can be combined at a reduced fee.