Claims Performance Gap Analysis

(Claims Leakage Assessment)
5 days onsite; recommendations presented within 15 days

We aim to help you:

  1. Reduce your total claims costs and expenses by 10%
  2. Focus your claims operations on profit and customer benefits
  3. Boost sales by building a claims team with excellent communication skills and business acumen
  4. Accelerate your ROI in predictive analytics, automation and customer engagement solutions
  5. Gauge potential cost-benefits before engaging in improvement initiatives

Our Claims Performance Gap Analysis targets internal inefficiencies as well as outdated technologies and processes. We root out inertia, helping you determine whether your claims staff are administering quick claims pay-outs without sufficient expense control, or truly and effectively mitigating cost drivers in the adjudication process for each claim settlement.

Discover whether your claims procedures are creating sustainable value for both insurers and policyholders throughout the entire value chain.

Our recent success stories:

  1. Life insurer, Taiwan: Defined an efficient operating model for claims and realised savings for beneficiaries for a runoff operation.
  2. Regional medical insurer, Hong Kong: Identified strengths and weaknesses of their medical claims services.
  3. Multinational P & C insurer, Hong Kong: Established an efficient operating model for a merger of two claims operations.
  4. Global P & C insurer, Hong Kong: Boosted quality and efficiency of Marine claims services.
  5. Motor insurer, Thailand: Elevated productivity and workflow efficiencies to international standards.

Testimonial: CEO, Regional Medical Insurer

“ln all, the project was a very successful experience. After a four-day site visit and a further week of offsite analysis, IBNR was able to present its findings. These have become the roadmap for a wide-ranging claims department service uplift project. I would recommend IBNR’s services for any similar exercise.”