Corporate Finance Training

Modern insurance deals are complex and require sound financial acumen. Recognising a need to upgrade its sales force, a global reinsurer engaged us to deliver Virtual Finance Training to 519 of its staff across Asia Pacific in 2019.

Our corporate finance training offers an interactive learning experience that will expand your expertise.

Fabrice Berjot – Senior Corporate Finance and Actuarial Trainer and Consultant

Before becoming an actuarial advisor and consultant, Fabrice spent 23 years heading up several actuarial departments as a senior executive in non-life insurance, managing large teams in challenging environments that required rapid turnaround. As such, he has comprehensive experience in both personal and commercial lines, with expertise ranging from pricing and reserving to claims management and finance.

Fabrice has conducted many successful transformation projects for his clients’ actuarial functions, ensuring that the relevant actuarial principles were understood and applied across the board. He has also presented seminars at actuarial conferences across the world, including in Europe, Canada and Dubai.

During his career, Fabrice became distinguished for his ability to turn a company around to achieve profitability.