Fraud Performance Gap Analysis

(Fraud Leakage Assessment)
2 days onsite; recommendations presented within 15 days

We aim to help you:

  1. Reduce fraud risks in your claims and underwriting processes
  2. Cut your fraud losses by up to 20% in some lines of business
  3. Implement strategic fraud risk controls and fraud deterrence policies
  4. Boost detection and prevention of suspicious claims
  5. Implement a robust fraud management process
  6. Gauge potential cost-benefits before engaging in improvement initiatives

Our Fraud Performance Gap Analysis targets internal inefficiencies as well as outdated technologies and processes. Discover whether your fraud detection rates meet international standards, and how your rejection rates for fraudulent claims fare in comparison.

We help you determine how efficient your claims and fraud investigators are at detecting suspicious incidents and clearing non-fraudulent cases. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can gauge the detection rates of unrivalled predictive fraud analytics solutions.

Find out how much you can save by implementing fraud control in your organisation, and the initial investment to get there.

Our recent success stories:

  1. Motor insurer, Thailand: Defined three fraud reduction scenarios, effective fraud risk controls, a deterrence framework and a robust fraud management process, with target net savings of up to USD5 million.