Managing Director

Rudolf Frei has over 27 years of hands-on experience in the insurance industry, specialising in insurance management consulting and life and non-life insurance operations. He founded the IBNR boutique consultancy in 2009 to provide expert management consulting solutions to progressive insurance clients and expert insurance providers across Asia.

Over time, Rudolf has transformed IBNR into Asia’s leading provider of fraud and claims performance gap analysis and process performance improvement solutions, as well as the preferred partner of specialised insurance providers seeking expert assistance with expanding their business in Asia.

Having served in management and executive positions at reputable insurers across Europe and Greater China, Rudolf champions superior service quality, cost-efficiencies, innovation and performance excellence in his teams.

Rudolf’s experience lies chiefly in primary insurance and reinsurance, and the management consultancy markets. His expertise covers claims and legal, anti-fraud and risk management, technical training, sales and marketing, IT system optimisation, and insurance operations.

Throughout his career, he has managed all major classes of general insurance, reinsurance and individual life insurance.

Rudolf has extensive hands-on experience in building robust insurance processes, quality management, predictive analytics solutions and IT systems, and has successfully overseen the expansion of new markets in Asia.

He is passionate about high-performing teams and profitable business, and holds master’s degrees in law and business administration.